Alice in Wonderland was going to be the very first animated film by Walt Disney and originally released in 1939, but it was been scrapped as it was been replaced with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs after twelve years later when the 1951 animated film released.

Plot Edit

The film opens with Alice on a riverbank like in the final. She eventually sees the White Rabbit and follows him down a hole leading to a massive void of gems, stars, and ferocious bats. She then meets the talking bottle, who offers to give Alice a drink of his magic, growing her and then shrinking her. When she shrinks, she is washed into Wonderland by her own tears. She is rescued by the Mouse, and then whisked off to the island of the Gryphon and Mock Turtle and participates in the Lobster Quadriddle. The Cheshire Cat then scares them all away, but befriends Alice in her hunt for the white Rabbit.

Why It Was Cancelled Edit

  1. Too very dark for an animated film as The Mad Hatter and March Hare going to dice Alice with scissors and knives, hostile birds and even Queen of Hearts is going to kill Alice with guillotine in the end.
  2. Very hard to animated as it will cost too much money.

Cast Edit

  • Cliff Edwards as Anthropomorphic "Drink Me" Bottle

Result Edit

  • Many years after as Tim Burton directed an 2010 live-action version as it used the dark-tone as it gave positive reviews and box office successful, but it have some flaws like lack of nonsense.

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