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Over the years, various films have been announced and next thing you know, the film is eventually cancelled for various reasons and will remain shelved or formed into another film.

Rules and GuidlinesEdit

You should follow these rules before posting:

  1. Please give the title of film, type out out four headings: Plot, an explanation that reads Why It Was Cancelled, and explain what The Result for one reason or Results were if there are more than one reasons for the film's cancellation. Cast listing is optional and Trivia is optional as well. Production is optional too.
  2. Give accurate reasons and not short reasons why these films were attempted to be made, but were unfortunately cancelled.
  3. Be nice to each other.
  4. No Swearing/profanity. If ANY profanity and or cursing is found, you will be banned temporarily. If it keeps going on, you're not welcome back to this page.
  5. Use proper grammar and make the sentences make sense.
  6. Be formal, as always.
  7. Feel free to express interest on if the film were ever made and express how you'd feel if these films ever came to surface.
  8. All users here need to be registered. Unregistered users or guest users are not welcome.
  9. Have fun!

Cancelled GamesEdit

On August 12, 2017, Spongebuff1991 is proud to announce a new page called Cancelled Games Wikia. The page is currently under construction, but is now open to the public.

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